Ra'Sontai Watson is a sophomore psychology major from Lancaster, South Carolina. He began doing photography as part of his high school yearbook staff during his senior year. After getting to Howard, Ra'Sontai decided to begin shooting for himself, under the name of Terres Noir Photography. In the 2016 National Press Photographers Association (Howard Chapter) he won 2nd place for photos depicting campus life, 3rd for both the portrait and photo essay sections, 1st place for the pictorial category, and 3rd for photo journalist of the year.

Ra'Sontai Watson


Mansur K. Rashid

Mansur "M.K." Rashid is a Sophomore TV & Film major, photography minor and the creator behind "The Melanin Project". He has been doing photography since he was five. Mansur is not only a photographer, but an award winning film director, writer, and producer. He has two short films on film festival circuits and has several photography projects underway. Mansur is the Executive Editorial Photographer of Howard University's ELITE Models. He has had four of his photographs displayed in the Woodruff Arts Center in Midtown in Atlanta and holds a Howard University Paul Robeson Award for Creative Excellence in Photojournalism.




Jonné Sampson is a photography major and Sophomore from Chicago, Illinois. She is the founder of f/8te. Productions and has been shooting professionally for 6 years. Jonné gained an interest in photography as a way to cope with the death of a close family member. As a photographer her motive is to be diverse and to engage in the community in order to keep the subjects interesting and original yet stay true to herself. She often calls herself the Kanye of Photographers because she feels her work holds the same weight as Kanye's discography but in a visual manner.


Russell Schiller is a Junior Advertising major who found his passion for photography in the summer of 2014. In his freshman year he was the personal photographer for MissBlackAmerica 2014. Moving on, in his sophomore year Russell reached new heights as he was able to grace the front page of Ebony.com as his controversial campaign #BlackWomenAreGorgeous finally reached national attention. He is refreshing, innovative, and constantly collaborating with other renowned artist across the nation to make an impact and influence the youth.




 Aisha Jemila Daniels is a senior visual artist from Miami, Florida. Her mother’s best friend, Toye - may she rest in peace - was a gelatin silver photographer who's photographs inspired her to take her first photography class at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, FL in 2008. She received the Gold Key Award in 2013 by Scholastic for her ceramic work and was given an exhibition in the Miami Art Museum. During the same year she received her first photographic award, an Honorable Mention award from the Young Arts Foundation. In 2015, she received the Shutterstock Award from Worldstudio AIGA for her project, Afrikans. In 2016, she was honored with the Creative Conscience Award from London for Afrikans. She also received the Student Photographer of the Year Award for her Acceptance series by Martin GrahameDunn. Most recently, she was fortunate enough to have an article written on her Afrikans project by Gulf Photo Plus. Afrikans is also published in the Femme Fotale photo book.


Aisha Jemila Daniels

Anthony Richard Jr.

Anthony "TonyRich" Richard Jr. is a freshman, TV & Film major born and raised in New Orleans. He started having an interest in photography when he was five and his talents are still growing. Anthony has moved from simply wowing his audience to using his voice for social change. Anthony has been quoted in the New York times and also covered the GRAMMYS as a Grammy Foundation/ Grammy in the Schools Correspondent. He is also the recipient for the 2015 Satellite Center's Video and Animation Festival for Best Documentary Film.


Zavasia-Elizabeth Lovett

Zavasia-Elizabeth "Zhe" Lovett is a Sophomore photography major from Brooklyn, New York. She began her photography career as a photography concentration in high school, and has been developing her skills for the past 6 year. During her senior year, she began building her brand, ZheshecheFoto. She started writing poetry to pair with her photography, and became a head mentor in Urban Arts Partnership, an arts program based in Manhattan, New York. Her main goal is to reach the hearts of youth, lead them to believe in their own artistic abilities, and reach their true expressive potential to find peace within themselves.


Artist, Graphic Designer, and writer Raaziq Brown is a Junior Human Development major from the Bronx, New York. As an artist, Raaziq is motivated simply by the world around him; which can be seen through the social and comedic aspects of his work. Raaziq aspires to use his art as a way to not only bring people together, but to also “alter the visions and thoughts of the millions of people blinded by consumer culture”. He is currently the CEO of the art company, POPXTWO LLC, where he also serves as an illustrator and designer. With POPXTWO LLC, Raaziq has been able to publish his works in the company’s coffee table booklet: Visions and Thoughts Vol. 1. His writing has been published in both the Rolling Stone's magazine and website.