The Melanin Project was created in order for undergraduate HBCU students to showcase their pro-Black works of art. Each art piece is created in order to capture the essence of what it means to be Black, whether it is: culture, speech, food, beauty, academic excellence, pain, history and/or struggle.

The Melanin Project covers all forms of art including, but not limited to: photography, videography, painting, spoken word, poetry, dance, music, performances, screenplays, and more. It is an embracing and a celebration of Black excellence and determination through art. The benefit behind this project is that it allows the community and the general population not only to appreciate professional work, but professional work from students that may be trying to come up in that specific field. This Project gives artist a space to promote their work for all to see.

The Melanin Project, currently, will be exhibited in The Cube exhibition space at NYU Abu Dhabi from November 8th to December 12th. Despite the list of artistic displays listed above this special exhibit will only feature photography.

Photograph by Zhe Lovette