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Raising Jaden

checking the camera
slating for audio and picture
discussing script with actors
going through production motions
discussing script with cast
setting up film production
boom mic
actors and supporters
refining scene
constructing the scene

Same Fruit, Different Tree

setting up scene
Discussions with actors
making sure the shot is right
working with child stars
main actor and director
making sure the lighting is right
walking through police brutality
getting the right angle
focusing on the emotion
slating the picture
rehearsal for film
line rehearsal with actors

The Urban Children

staging an action scene
crew members
the cast is our crew and the crew is our cast
making sure the shot looks good
discussion with actors
framing a shot
getting the right angle
talking it over with crew
showing the young actors what to do
creating action scenes
action scenes - indie film
discussing placement of actors
indie filmmaking
independent production
creating blood and gore - indie